MAR District Montgomery Event

Statistical summary of ALL teams

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Auto Tried Move(mult)1.0
Auto Crossed Line(mult)1.0
Auto Tried Switch(mult)1.0
Auto Scored Switch(mult)1.0
Auto Tried Scale(mult)0.7
Auto Scored Scale(mult)0.7
Tele Vault33148.3
Tele Switch113.5
Tele Switch Tipped36371.0
Tele Scale2255.0
Tele Scale Tipped2252.3
Tele Opp Switch(mult)1.7
Tele Opp Switch Tipped(mult)0.7
Tele Fouls33140.7
Tele Broke Down5550.7
End Parked(mult)1.0
End Climbed45731.0
End Assisted(mult)1.0

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